Yangon Region Investment Committee

In order to increase investments, to facilitate the existing investments and speed up the activities related to investment in Yangon Region, the Myanmar Investment Commission, in accordance with the Myanmar Investment Law of 2017, Notice No. 58/2017 on July 7 and letter No. dated August 9, 2017, Yangon Region Investment Committee was established with seven (7) members on March 6/1/2017 (0761).

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Investors can apply for an endorsement with an investment value of up to 5 million US dollars for foreign direct investment and joint venture or 6,000 million Kyats for Myanmar citizen Investments to Yangon Region Investment Committee and obtain an endorsement, except for the businesses listed in Article 36 of the Myanmar Investment Law. Investors can benefit of Myanmar Investment Law Chapter 12 Land Use Rights and Section 75, 77 and 78 exemptions either a concession or more than one or all by applying for an endorsement of an investment proposal.

When applying for an endorsement, the approval letter or permit or similar documents of the relevant departments according to the type of investment must be submitted. According to section 37 of Myanmar Investment Law, the office of the committee conducts the necessary verifications and accept the approval form. If the form is not complete, it can be prepared and resubmitted. Since there are many investment businesses operating in Yangon Region, Yangon Region Investment Committee meetings are regularly held once a month in order to discuss and decide on the general issues of these businesses and approve new businesses.

Apply for an endorsement of Yangon Region Investment Committee

Seek advice and details from DICA Yangon Branch.

Get an Endorsement Application form (Form 4-b) and Land use form (Form 7-b) from the website, then fill it in and submit it to Yangon Region Investment Committee.

The complete investment endorsement scrutinized by DICA Yangon Branch submit to Yangon Region Investment Committee meeting to get approval.

If the application is approved by the Yangon Region Investment Committee, the approval order can be issued.