APPLY FOR YRIC Endorsement

The MIL 2016 introduces two categories of investment approval procedures, one is a MIC permit and the other one is an investment endorsement. These are generally referred to as MIC permit procedure and Investment Endorsement Procedure. The introduction of investment endorsement procedures has significantly simplified and eased the investment procedures in Myanmal. It is not possible to apply for both, a MIC permit and an endorsement.
If investors are not in the category activities which require a MIC permit as described above (according to Section 36 of the the investors are not required to submit a permit proposal to the MIC. However, in order to enjoy the right to use land under Chapter XII, and one or more of the exemptions and reliefs under sections 75, 77 and 78 of the law, the investors should undergo an investment endorsement application process. The following chapters Of the guidebook Will provide more detailed navigational guide for investors to identify the procedures which they should undergo given the specifications and details of their proposed investment project.

The following Endorsement procedure is valid for most kinds of investment applications. The process might vary slightly, depending on the type of investment.

Stage 1


Seek advice and details from YRIC

Stage 2


Buy an Endorsement Application form, then fill it in and submit it to the Yangon Region Investment Committee

Stage 3


Review by Yangon Region Investment Committee

Stage 4


Pick-up the Endorsement if Yangon Region Investment Committee

Endorsement Samples

According to MIL and its Rule, it is necessary for documents base on type of business


According to MIL and its Rule, it is necessary for documents base on type of business

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